Woodina Underwriting Agency — 'A Unique Approach'

We are an underwriting agency focussed on specialty insurance products for professional firms, with a unique approach based on two key mantras:

  1. The speed of our turnaround of quotes. We know that this is a key service issue for brokers;
  2. We handle claims in-house through our team of specialist solicitors and claims managers, as we believe the service once your client has a claim is as important as getting the right price for the cover.

So, unlike many others, we have created an underwriting vehicle to accommodate brokers’ requirements at both ends of the insurance process.

We aim to provide a quote within hours rather than days.

We also adopt a flexible “can do” approach to underwriting. We have strong Lloyd’s of London security backing our policies.

We have the numerous benefits flowing from having the professional expertise of insurance solicitors working right alongside our underwriters.

Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd is committed to supporting the General Insurance Code of Practice.

For further information, or to read a copy of the Code, please visit the Code's dedicated website at: http://www.codeofpractice.com.au



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